ChatGPT e Dinheiro Online

What’s going on guys Thomas Garretts here and in this video I’m going to show you how to make money with YouTube shorts using chat GPT and the best part is I’m going to show you how to do this in a niche where you don’t have to show your face and you don’t even have to use your voice so trust me when I say that this method is going to absolutely blow your mind because no one’s talking about it on YouTube and not only am I going to

Show you how to make these videos how to come up with unlimited video ideas using chat GPT in the power of AI technology but I’m also going to show you how to monetize these videos in multiple different ways whatever one of those ways you may ask oh if you didn’t know starting February 1st which is the day this video comes out by the way monetizing Partners will be able to earn money from ads that are viewed between videos and shorts feed what does that

Mean well basically YouTube pulled the ultimate Checkmate on all other short form platforms and now you can monetize them and earn ad revenue on shorts so unlike on tiktok talk where 200 million views is going to make you maybe three thousand dollars 9.2 million followers 70 million likes 100 million plus maybe 200 million plus guess how much I’ve made three thousand you can make hundreds of thousands with that same amount of views on YouTube shorts and

Why use chatgpt well that’s self-explanatory it’s absolutely blowing up and it’s insane what you can do with it so like I said this video is going to absolutely blow your mind and all I ask of you is to smash the like button and watch the entire video so you don’t miss out on anything but now assume you’ve already smashed the like button let’s get into the video alright so like I said in this video I’m going to show you how to make money with YouTube shorts

Using chat GPT and before we get started I just want to show you the actual Niche we’re going to be using in this video and some results this is the channel and the niche we’re going to be using it’s psychology arcade is the channel and the niche is in basically like the psychology Niche and it’s kind of like a fact-based short type Channel and I’ll show you all that but but this is a niche and a channel like you’ve never seen on YouTube before so you’re

Definitely going to want to pay attention to this but this is the channel with that 148 million views making upwards of 275k per year that I showed in the intro don’t let that like kind of like freak you out or anything like oh I’m not successful unless I make 300K a year like when I first started all I wanted to make was two thousand dollars a month like that’s it and even if you’re making only 50k or 100K a year just from one channel that’s all you

Need but you have to be consistent because look this channel was created just a year ago they got almost 150 million video views in that time but they uploaded 4 400 videos that’s like 10 or 15 videos a day but the thing is you can make like 30 or 40 of these short form videos that I’m going to show you how to make the way I’m gonna show you how to make them in the time it would take to make one or maybe two long long videos depending on the type of

Channel you have like I could probably make 50 of these shorts in the time I could make one video for my channel you know what I mean so you just have to be consistent and understand that you’re not going to get these results overnight but if you don’t give up and you actually keep staying consistent over an extended period of time results will come okay that’s super important to understand but now that you understand what’s truly possible with this type of

Stuff the channels videos are right here and I’ll just show you one for example like right here girls facts so basically they just literally have a text box here that says girls fact and then they say like one part of it right here girls who laugh and talk a lot and then you just hit play and then in a couple seconds it changes usually cry alone at night okay that’s kind of sad but you see what they’re doing it’s kind of just like they’re showing something and then

They’re giving like an answer or a fact and all they have is like some type of video in the background that’s it these videos are so easy to make and they don’t have any voice over what they do is they use viral music that you can only use on the short form platforms which I’m going to show you how to use don’t work but these videos are super fast and easy to make but you’re probably like well how am I going to come up with all these video ideas and

There’s multiple ways to do it but like I said chat GPT is how we’re gonna do it okay but before we use chat gbt what you want to do is you want to kind of look at the type of facts they’re using and open up a document okay so let’s open up a quick document and they had like girl facts psychology facts boy facts what else did they have um sad fact deep fact so that should be fine I mean you don’t need a whole bunch

We’ll do sad fact and deep fact okay so there we got we got some facts here then just make sure you right click and hit copy and I’ll show you why in a second and now what you’re going to want to do is now you’re going to want to go to chat GPT and what you do is you go to okay and once you’re on here you’re going to want to sign up and then create your account all right I already have an account but that’s what you’re going to do if you don’t have an

Account and then I’m going to say write three short funny facts about these topics and then we’re just going to paste those in there and we’ll see what comes up okay so as you can see it gave us three facts about everything except sad facts which is fine we don’t need anything to bring down this video and make it sad but now we’re just going to copy all of this and then we’re gonna go back to our document and we can just paste it in

There and boom now we have all of these video ideas and they’re not even just video ideas like this is the video right so you could see girls can multitask better than boys because so that’s what you would do you’d put that on the first part of the video and then you would like answer the fact on the second part and you would just do that for each of them so these are literal videos and this took seconds to do but before we actually make the video I want to show

You just one quick thing because sometimes when you try to use chat GPT there’s just so many people using it right now that you can’t even log on or use it so I want to show you an alternative and this right here is actually vid IQ which is a YouTube Tool and you can use this for tons of different things like coming up with ideas keywords you can look at your competitors even videos watched by your

Subscribers everything but they have a new tool called the AI coach right here okay so literally you just do the same thing so we’ll just go back up here and then we’ll copy the exact thing we copied into chat GPT and then we’ll just paste it into here and then hit enter okay so now we’ll see what they say and right there they did all of them up to sad facts let’s see if we can just type continue see if that works because apparently that’s what you do on chat

GPT if it stops typing so let’s see how that works yeah there you go boom just like chat GPT and different answers obviously and the best part about this is not only is it available completely worldwide but you can use the link in the description down below or go to Thomas Garretts and there’s a special 30-day trial for vid IQ for just one dollar that you can’t find even if you go to their website site so if you want to use bit IQ for your YouTube

Channel and use the AI coach definitely try out this trial for one dollar it’s a no-brainer okay but now we got our videos right here okay so now we gotta make our videos and let me tell you there’s so many different ways to create these videos you got regular video editors you’ve got different software all this stuff but me personally the way I suggest doing this at least how I’m gonna show in this video because it makes it so easy is with a tool called

In video and they do have a free account that you can start out with because with the free plan you can’t actually export the videos but you can use the software for free but I would suggest if you’re willing to actually be consistent and take this serious get the business plan that way you can actually export the videos you can use everything the way I’m gonna show you and it’s only 15 a month that is with the yearly if you pay monthly it’s a little more expensive

However either way you go about it whichever plan whichever year earlier monthly just make sure you use the code Garrett’s 25 and that gives you 25 off your entire order for life but regardless of which way which account you go with this is the back office once you’ve actually created your account and it’s very very simple and you’ll see why I love this for making the videos it makes it so easy okay so all we’re going to do here is we’re just gonna go to

Create new up here and then you’re going to want to go to editor and then go to Portrait right there now inside of your video all you do this is literally so simple you go to videos right here and then just type in something peaceful you could use water you could just type in peaceful literally and see what pops up and you see like if you go back to these videos they all got like kind of peaceful backgrounds maybe a city street water trees clouds whatever okay so

Something of that sorts is what you want to use so we’ll use something like this one okay so just click this plus to click add as a layer and then add it and then you just want to make it bigger so it’s the full size okay and you kind of want to center it to wherever you want to be on the screen so let’s check this out perfect okay so now the next step is you go right here to text and then just hit add a heading now the first step once

You have the text is right here this little fade in button okay right at the start you Mouse over you click fade in and then just go to none we don’t want any text effect on there okay or animation effect so now you’re going to want to pick whatever fact you’re going to make the video about we’ll just do Girl fact for this first one okay so go to edit right here and we’ll just type in you could do it in all caps we’ll just do Girl fact and then stretch it

And then put it wherever you think it will look good we could do right there and then you go right here to text effects you see right there text background fill turn that up all the way and then you could make it all black okay and just make it a little smaller make the outsides a little bigger like that okay that’s basically what they do right so if we go back here you can see that’s how they do theirs now you want to add another heading again take off

The fade in so go to none and then this is where we go back to our document and then we’ll just take this first one so girls can multitask better than boys because so we’ll copy that and then go back over here edit and then paste in our text and then what I would do is I would do a dot dot dot after it and then you kind of want to stretch it and make it a little bigger something like this Center it and now you want to kind of watch it you don’t want these videos to

Be too long like it really depends on how long the text is but I would watch this and see how long it takes to read it and sometimes you want to cut it a little shorter than that because a lot of these videos sometimes they’ll be like really short and then people have to watch it multiple times to read it and you’ll get more views that way but that’s just a little cheat code but you don’t have to do that so just watch it and make sure it’s long enough so most

People can read it okay so we’ll hit play girls can multitask better than boys because and then we’ll stop right there we’ll go over just bring this this one back because that’s the uh that one okay and also uh let me hide this real quick right here you can zoom in or zoom out okay so for now we want the girl Fact one right here we want that to be the whole distance just for now we’re gonna make the video shorter but just for now we’ll do it like that but now

What you want to do is you want to duplicate this one okay so we’re gonna just right click that and duplicate put it over here next to it and then you go back here and you just paste in the rest of this okay so copy that Ctrl C and then go back here to edit Ctrl V and you see now it goes like that you can also make it so it’s the like same size text like if we click on this one it’s 93 and this one’s only 75 so if you want to try and make them like both 85 or something

Like that click on this one change it to 85. we could do something like that and you see how this one is higher than the other one so like right there you want to make them at like the same level so what you can do is you you can just stretch it right here so they’re both showing and then just drag that one up so it’s exactly where that one is and then just go back to where it shows up right after that one okay so now we’ll watch it girls can multitask better than

Boys because they have more connections between the two sides of their brain and one thing I will say is you might want the text a little smaller than this because there’s stuff on the side of the video so you don’t want it to like get cut off from that but uh this is just for example okay so I just wanted to say that but if you want to make it smaller you can literally do that and have more lines or if I go back again you can just change

The font size right there okay but that’s what we’re gonna do and now again you want to make sure there’s enough to really read at least most of it but like I said you could cut out off early that way people have to watch the whole video to get back and read the full fact right so we’ll just cut it off there and then right here you want to go right here and you just hit this little scissor button okay you split that and then you split this and then you just delete that and

Delete that so now that’s your full video literally what did that take a couple minutes and I’m showing you how to do it so now assuming you got the paid account now what you want to do is you want to go up here to export and you just hit export there okay and now I’ll come back when it’s finished rendering all right so as you can see it is done downloading and what you want to do now is the most important step most gurus would be like oh just upload this to

YouTube on your computer but no you want to send it to your cell phone that way we can use viral music and you can only do that with the actual YouTube app on your phone so however you got to get it to your phone whether you email it or you airdrop it if you have apple get it on your phone and I’ll show you the next step on there alright so now once you have your YouTube app pulled up and you have the video on your phone this is just an example Channel by the way

You’re going to want to make sure you have a Channel created with like psychology or facts in the name I’m not going to show you how to create a channel because if you’re watching this you know how to do that okay but just make sure you have a separate channel for this very important but now at the bottom middle this little plus button you’re going to want to click that and then go to create short now in the the left right here we click that and we go

To our video and then if for some reason your video is longer than 15 seconds you can click this little 15 up here and it will go to a 60 second but ours is less so it’s only eight seconds we’re good with 15 we’ll hit done now this is the most important part hello you’re going to go to the top right here and click add sound and as you can see you can use like Miley Cyrus flowers or like little Uzi or Dr Dre like you can use these and still monetize them with YouTube shorts

Okay so insane so this is a girl fact video so I’d suggest going with that new Miley Cyrus song so you just click it and then hit that blue thing okay now you hit the check mark here then all you do is you go up here and hit next at the top right and then this is where that psychology arcade Channel we can one-up them because for their titles they literally do the same title every time it’s like psychology facts hashtag shorts every video they do so what I

Suggest doing is you want to give it some curiosity you could do something like is this true for for you girls out there and then what you could say is comment down below or let me know in the comments below right so you can kind of get people engaging so then you say let me know in the comments and then go to your emojis and then put a little finger going down okay wait wait wait guys this is Thomas editing this video from the future now and you gotta check this out

That video that I uploaded literally just 24 hours ago has 1.3 K views on my example Channel that’s crazy and if we click on it right here not only does it have 32 likes but it literally has nine comments just because of that description so what I’m telling you works so take this serious this is your chance but now back to your regularly scheduled program and then you can add a hashtag shorts you could add a hashtag girlfax which is right there so yeah

That’s basically what I would suggest doing and then you’re going to want to go um select audience right there you see click that and then you want to make sure it’s no it’s not made for kids for age restriction don’t restrict okay so go back and then for comments this is probably what I would keep but if you want to allow all comments that’s fine too and then you go right here upload short okay so just click that but we’re

Not done yet because the next step is probably the most important thing that again that psychology arcade Channel just isn’t doing most people they’re relying on for their YouTube channels on ad revenue and before YouTube shorts had ad Revenue this channel was probably selling shout outs like you know people sell shout outs for different products on like Instagram you can do that on YouTube too so I’m guessing that’s how they made their money and you can make

Quite a bit of money from that but the number one way that I suggest doing and the method that changed my life is affiliate marketing and if you’ve never heard of this basically how it works is there’s a product over here and you basically partner with that product and you get like a referral link like I had for vid IQ and when someone clicks on that referral link you get a commission of the sale okay so even companies like Target Walmart Amazon they all have

Affiliate programs so this isn’t anything weird or anything like that okay and for this method we’re going to use a website called which is basically a free affiliate marketplace with tons of different products on it and like I said it’s completely free so just make sure you click Start here and create your account I’m just going to log in quick because I already have an account and by the way if clickbank’s not available in your

Country there’s other marketplaces one that I’d suggest is digistore 24. you could check that one out too but basically on the affiliate Marketplace here the the thing I like about this Niche because if we go back here we have facts about girls and we have psychology facts and boy facts so you could use different products for each type of fact which is super dope right so if we go back here and we go to like all they have some really good products and

Spirituality right here so we’ll click that one you can see they have like wealth manifestation which is like a make money type product and then they have products like soulmate sketch this product is going to be much better for women than it would be for men right so definitely this is going to be a great one for our video and all you do to get your affiliate links so you can make money is you click right here promote and then all you do is you hit create

Hop link and right here we got our affiliate link okay so just copy this link but we’re not done yet okay you gotta go to this website called and all you do is you scroll down here and then you paste in your link and hit shorten so now this long link right here turned into this nice short link which is much better and people are gonna click on more often okay so now we’re going to copy this and then back on our example channel right

Here we got our content this is the video we uploaded to shorts and then you can click right here to view it or just go to the video link here and then this is the most important part you want to go to comments right here and what you want to say is you could say something like uh need help finding your soulmate you’ve gotta check this out okay something like that and then you just paste in your link there and hit comment and then all you do is you click

These three little dots right and then you pin it and what that does is it pins it to the top of the comments so when someone goes to look at the comments for your video which ninety percent of people do they’re gonna see that and if they’re interested in finding their soulmate they’re going to click that and you can make money and with that product I believe it was twenty dollars per sale you can make and you can make some recurring commissions so definitely take

Advantage of this short form craze I mean I think it was like a post the other day it was like eighty percent of the internet usage right now is short form content which is crazy so you definitely want to take advantage of this while you’re still early and while it’s still just insanely hot and the best part is with this type of Channel like those videos recreated in in video you can literally now just duplicate it and then change out the background video

In the text and you can make these in seconds literally it’s so simple and that’s why I love in video especially in this Niche so if you are going to use a video make sure to use the code Gareth 25 for 25 off but now if you’re like well I don’t really like this Niche but I do want to do YouTube without showing my face then I highly suggest checking out my no face YouTube course at no where I show you step by step how you can literally start a YouTube

Channel in tons of different niches and do it without showing your face so definitely check that out if you’re interested in that but if you’re not interested in any of this you don’t want to do this method you don’t want to use my course don’t worry you can check out the video on the screen right here to check out another method that’s all I got I love you guys I’ll see on the next video

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